Why Should You Work With Me?

If your house or flat has been on the market for some time but hasn’t sold, then you need help from a recognised property expert.

There may be several reasons why your property isn’t generating interest:

1.  The décor which includes the paintwork, carpets and curtains and the furniture may need to be freshened up.

2. The outside of the property may need to be made more attractive.

3. Is the price right?

4. It may be the agents – they may not be marketing your property correctly or they might just not be the “rightfit” for your property.

5. The “feel” of the property may not be right. This can be to do with the energy in the property. A very common cause.

Whichever of these is the problem, I can help.

I have studied interior design and Feng Shui so am well qualified to advise you on the décor and furniture within your property. I have also developed and sold many houses over the last 20 Years, so had a lot of experience.

Sometimes it only needs small changes to make a big difference.

But it’s my psychic powers and understanding of Geomancy that really set me apart from other people.

I know this can sound a bit “out there” to some people, but I can immediately sense the energy in a property.

When the energy in a house is in alignment, the house feels“right” but if the energy is negative it will put off would-be purchasers.

I have the ability to clear the negative energy and ensure that the energy is in alignment and working to the benefit of the property and therefore a suitable buyer.

No one else in the property market can offer this almost unfair advantage that I can, which makes me a uniquely skilled professional for you to use.

I’ve had plenty of examples where properties that have been on the market for months have been under offer within a couple of days of my energy enhancement work.

To find out more, get in touch. If you give me your Rightmove details, I’ll be able to advise you straightaway on what’s going to need to be done.


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