Here is some feedback from happy clients. Names have been changed to preserve confidentiality, which I take very seriously:

With almost no interest in my flat for over 8 months of marketing, I can’t thank you enough for coming to my rescue! Under offer in just 5 days after your visit is truly miraculous!

Janet C – Chelsea.

Having had unusual disturbances in my house for some time now, I am glad to report that the house feels like a sanctuary – I no longer feel ill at ease when using the spare room. My grandchildren now sleep very well here!

Martin D – Dorset

Thank-you so much for ‘Tuning up’ my house – having suffered various illnesses and insomnia since moving here, I am pleased to report that I am now sleeping better than ever!

David R-W – The Cotswolds

Having had a purchaser fall through – I had given up on the thought of selling this year – until you highlighted what the issues in my home were – holding back the right buyer. I am so happy to report that just 2 days after your visit, I am now Under Offer!

Annie H – Wilts

Iain, thank you so much for working your magic last week. I am pleased to say that the house and all of us feel fantastic – no more arguments and strife – especially amongst the kids. I am also pleased to say that business has picked up significantly, since you cleared and attuned everything! Your insight was shockingly accurate too.

Diana and Richard W – West Sussex

Iain – I am so pleased to report that I am now under offer. In the time scale that you initially outlined, amazing! After 9 months of waiting around, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that my forward purchase has been saved.

Alex and Harriet– Dorset

Your spatial awareness and energetic intuition have been instrumental in changing our lives. The house now feels like a welcome retreat from the bustle of life – a true refuge!

Charlotte C – South Kensington


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