Property Sale Case Study

I was called in to help a friend of a friend sell their flat, that had been on the market for nearly a year with little to no interest at all. There had been 6 viewings but no offers.


At face value, this seemed strange, as the flat was on theLots Road Grid, Chelsea – had recently been refurbished to a very high standard and was dressed immaculately. Market conditions were certainly stable, and the price point was argued to be just right, according to 3 independent agents.


So why no sale? Clearly there wasn’t a problem with any of the usual practical features that one could immediately pin point. The couple in question were desperate to sell, as their forward purchase was in serious danger of falling through.


So, having been asked if I could help, it became apparent that the vibe and energy of their home was very dark indeed and much troubled. Previous owners and neighbours had in fact, contributed to the problems faced and viewers were being subconsciously put off. The consistent feedback was ‘Hmm it just doesn’t feel right for me/us’


There is a very interactive relationship between buyers and the energy of a prospective house and future requirements of an individual, couple or family.


If the feel and vibe of a house are not suitable for someone or their family, their intuition will stop them from buying.


Having established that there was a great deal of unwanted esoteric activity going on and the house needed a deep clearance and attunement – along with a re-programme – I set to work immediately, rectifying the various problems.


Both occupiers commented on how much lighter the space felt and looked. I am pleased to say that just 4 days later, there were two viewings and both parties made offers at the asking price!

A happy ending!



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