My Services

I offer a wide range of different services all aimed towards helping you to sell your property faster.


It can be very difficult to see your house through a would-be buyer’s eyes.
But that’s what you need to do.
I bring a fresh and objective pair of eyes and can see when there’s too much furniture, ornaments or general clutter in your house which may be putting off potential buyers.
I will advise you what you need to remove and how to maximise the visual appeal of your house.


Staging is all about showing your property in the best possible light which is absolutely key in obtaining that crucial offer.
Having studied interior design and Feng Shui, I have great experience in the staging of houses – what furniture looks best in the environment, its positioning and layout, the lighting and the interior decoration.
If necessary I can facilitate the rental of furniture for long enough to get your property sold.

Decoration and Presentation Advice

The appearance of your property both internally and externally are crucial.
When viewers initially get out of the car, their first reaction must be positive. The outside and any garden must all make the right impression.
The same goes for the inside.
I will advise you which bits will turn visitors off and which bits need attention.
It’s amazing the difference a little bit of paint can make to the sales process.

Sales and Marketing

Your listing on Rightmove is the single most important factor in generating viewings so it’s vital that the pictures show off your property in the best light.
I can advise you if the pictures and descriptions tell the right story and make your property look attractive to buyers or whether you need to get them redone.

Tuning Up Your House’s Energy

The single biggest reason houses don’t sell is when the energy in the property is wrong.
We all know when a house just feels right.
Conversely we know when the feel or the vibe somehow feels all wrong.
In these cases, I will clear the negative energy from the property and then through an attunement process, introduce positive energy that will give it the positive feel which will make people buy it. Often this is all that’s needed and has a very high success rate.

I can also optimise the energy in your new property to ensure a perfect fit between you and your family, so that everyone’s vibes resonate in harmony with your new home.

Estate Agents and Solicitors

The wrong professional advisers can kill your chances of selling.
While commitment and enthusiasm are vital, even more important is that they should be mentally and energetically attuned to your sale.
I will know instantly whether your estate agent and solicitor are right for your property. If not, I will tell you and help in the process of finding the right professional partners.


To find out more, get in touch. If you give me your Rightmove details I’ll be able to advise you straightaway on which of my services you’re going to need.


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