House Extensions and Alterations

If you have recently moved to a new home or are considering making alterations and improvements, it makes a big difference to do this sympathetically with the available earth energy (Geomancy) around and within your home. This extends to spacial awareness, colour schemes/finishes, furniture placement and artwork. It also includes the spirit of space and other more esoteric values that will need adjustment and incorporation.

People often don’t realise that taking a house out of a symmetrical pattern by doing side returns and other types of alterations can have serious consequences to the quality of life for the householder. This can be compensated for using advanced esoteric techniques, but it is best to harmonise new ideas with available energies, prior to building.

Your house will also need re-programming once works are complete. This will facilitate a unity in energy and feeling that would otherwise not exist, causing identity issues and a potential reluctance to use new spaces by occupants. This may also have a knock-on effect with how parts of the existing house feel too.

I have had a lot of experience with building work and design and so if you are planning on making changes, I would be delighted to advise on the best way of going forwards with your plans with pragmatic solutions to any problems arising.

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