Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t energy clearance and geomancy a bit far-fetched?

I perfectly understand that many people struggle with the concept of a house having its own energy and the impact this can have on not only the sale process but also the happiness of the inhabitants.

All I can say is that I’m an absolutely normal person who happens to have a particular gift which enables me to work with these energies for the benefit of the householder. Through my work I have demonstrated countless times the positive impact it can have not only on house sales but also on the lives of the inhabitants of the house.

What is geomancy?

Geomancy is the Western version of Feng Shui, a 4,000+ year-old Chinese art of spatial energy optimisation, which essentially involves harnessing the energy in your home, to improve all areas of your life.

What Is Earth Energy?

The Earth is covered in many energetic lines. Most of these lines run as a grid of energy every 3 yards and because of their repeated patterns,they’ll run through your home, interacting with any occupants. There’s a deep intelligence behind all of these lines, which have a huge impact on how a home “feels”.There are many other aspects of earth energy that interface with all beings and supply us with our day to day energy.

How Do You Make A Property Energetically Attractive?

The first thing to do is an energetic overview of what’s going on in your home to determine what needs to be reprogrammed.
There are lots of issues that can be present, especially in older properties.If these are negative they will need to be cleared before the house can beat tuned to the present owners.
The changes within the property happen very quickly.
You will be aware of the change in the “feel” of your property, normally  within a couple of days.

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