Case Histories

A Troubled Rectory, Hampshire:

John had recently moved to a new house in Hampshire which was a Victorian rectory. There had been a family there previously but not in the last few years, whereby only one woman had been living there.

After six months, his wife, June, started noticing that she wasn’t sleeping well at night and had become very tired. She was waking up in the middle of the night having had bad dreams – not all of the time, but with regular occurrence.

She started taking sleeping pills in order to sleep, which helped, but she still had bad dreams and started to become depressed.

I was then called in to offer advice. There was a great deal of energetic disturbance. The house had had a troubled history dating back some 250 years. There were further issues with the land and the quality of energy within it.

It became apparent that a full exorcism was required and a great deal of land healing, as the site had once been a site of ceremonial magic. Once this was complete, a tune up was done on the house, as there were some considerable deficits in the quality of energy available. The house had also been extended which had disturbed the geomantic footprint.

Within a week, substantial shifts had occurred for June who stopped using sleeping pills.John also noticed considerable changes and commented that the house seemed far lighter.They also found that new opportunities came along for John’s work.

A Cottage that wouldn’t sell, Dorset:

The owners of a cottage in mid Dorset had tried to sell their house for 8 months without success. They had changed agents and then decided to call in a further one with a dual contract in the hope that a buyer would come. 2 months further down the line, viewings did occur, but the feedback was consistently negative.

There was always something that buyers found wrong either with presentation or how the house felt. I was asked to help.

After a visit, it became apparent that whilst it was a charming cottage, the presentation did need some improvement. This was more down to the use of the rooms and their furniture layout. The energy also needed substantial improvement as this too was clearly putting the punters off.

Suggestions were then made and carried out by the owners for furniture changes and general layout improvements. An optimisation of the energy flowing through the house – in particular the Hartman Grid – resulted in more viewings. Inside a fortnight, the house was under offer and has sold successfully. The old owners were able to move on with their life.

A rental house that wouldn’t sell, Exeter:

The owners of a bungalow in the Northern part of Exeter had let out their house for some ten years. There had been a rapid succession of tenants both couples and sharing. As a result, the house was quite tired and unloved when it came to selling it, despite the fact that the property market was doing well at the time and the house was priced to reflect its condition.

After nearly a year, the owners were abroad and concerned that their sale just wasn’t happening they got in touch with me.

It transpired that the house wasn’t well presented with most rooms being bare and the owners were not with the right estate agent.

Having made recommendations for re-decoration and furnishing, as well as changing the agents – the house looked far more comfortable and inviting. There was also some past occupant trauma left in the house which was clearly impacting the sale at a subconscious level too. This was cleared.

Once all these changes had been completed and new agents instructed, the house was under offer in just 3 weeks. The owners were delighted!

An unhappy rental, Eastbourne:

A terraced house in Eastbourne’s town centre had originally been occupied by an owner couple and refurbished to a high standard. Sadly, the couple divorced a few years after having moved in together. It was decided that the house should be let out and kept as an investment. It had been let out for 6 years when a pattern emerged – in that renters would plan on living there as a couple and then a matter of months later, decide to split.

There was an increasingly uneasy feel to the house. There was also the added inconvenience of constantly having to find new tenants for it, as invariably, they did not want to stay for any length of time. It got to the stage where they found it difficult to let and void periods began to become a major burden.

The owner became aware of the fact that something was wrong with their house looking at these patterns and sought advice.

Upon inspection, the relationship area of the had been severely compromised by an extension at the back of the house – that was not designed in harmony with the overall house layout and was clearly an afterthought. On top of this, the house had been split up rather unconventionally. This resulted in a starvation of chi in the relationship area of the house and a rather chaotic scattering elsewhere.  In addition to this, there were unfortunate spirits in the house that needed to be released and moved on.

The clearance and geomantic correction process was commenced 2 days after the site visit. The effects were almost instant. The owner reported a considerable shift in the way the house felt – turning it in to a sanctuary.

A few days after that, the owners decided to re-market the house for rental and found a tenant within 3 days.

A house stuck in the past, Virginia Water:

Richard and his family had moved to a beautiful manor house, in Virginia Water, Surrey. Having acquired it for substantial sums of money as a renovation project he set about making improvements to the garden, house and added a covered pool. He was very pleased with the overall results as were his family.

Then 3 years hence, quite unexpectedly, a sequence of bad luck started to occur to him and the family. Business matters appeared to be going astray and some serious health issues started with Tina, his wife. Their relationship was under considerable strain and their financial position became serious. So much so, that they decided to sell their dream home in order to get out of trouble.

Thinking and hoping that the house would sell quickly, they marketed it with a reputable agent and waited for viewings. There was a great deal of interest in it, as it was immaculately presented and had all the features a house of its stature one would ever need.

But as time went by, viewing after viewing came and went, with no interest, not even an offer. In fact, 28 viewings had passed. Richard decided to lower the price in order to make the house more appealing, after 6 months. After 54 viewings, he still had no offers! He was becoming desperate and asked for advice from a specialist who referred him to me.

I did a site visit and it became obvious as to what the problem was: Around 240 years ago, there was an old occupant living there on her own. A younger cousin was due to inherit the house – but he wanted to speed up his inheritance. He commissioned a local witch to effectively end her life ASAP so that he would inherit. Such commissions were common in the days of the witch trials, which was part of the reason why sorcerers and witches were so persecuted. The cousin got his wish and inherited, but unfortunately for him, the ‘curse’ was never lifted and was still in operation with Richard and his family. This is actually quite a common scenario.

It was clear that a full exorcism was needed – which I have to confess took some doing. The effect was felt over just 2 days. All the family felt an enormous shift. Then as fortune would have it, a previous viewer got in touch and made an acceptable offer.

The house has since sold – a sad story but one that thankfully didn’t end in disaster for Richard and his family.

The London renovation project that wouldn’t sell

Daniel and Jane bought a maisonette in Chelsea, London, SW10. It had been let out for some time and the vendors has decided to sell, in order to capitalise on their investment. It was relatively tired, and the couple thought they could add value by making alterations to it, then living in it for a while, before reselling. A classic London scenario.

They stuck to their plan and did a high-end refurb. It was beautifully presented, and the couple were happy there for 3 years before they thought it was time to move on. The housing market was strong at the time and the asking price was relatively keen. They were on with a good agent and it was hoped that all should go well.

6 Months on there were very few viewings and no offers. A price reduction also didn’t attract any interest. Friends of mine told me about the situation and so I offered to help.

As it happened, the terrace that the flat was on had very disturbed earth energy, due to various buildings blocking the natural chi flow going through the terrace. There was also some astral disturbance left over from earlier times that was having a substantial impact on the feel of the flat. There was also some negativity being projected at the flat from an old neighbour dispute, which was an unpleasant subconscious dark undercurrent.

I did a very comprehensive clearance on the property. Just 4 days later, the flat was under offer, from a previous viewer who came back a second time.

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