About me

When you discover that houses subconsciously choose individuals, rather than the other way around, property takes on an entirely different form.

Having experienced ‘An Awakening’ in 2007, where I was suddenly able to see people’s auras and past life times, I was compelled to learn more about the energy systems in homes too, as it became apparent that people and their houses are very interactive with each other, subconsciously.

The subject fascinated me, so I decided to study Feng Shui and Geomancy along with other specialised Earth Energy courses. I learned how an energetically optimised and harmonious environment dramatically increases success, health and relationship harmony and personal wellbeing, as well as the saleablity of a property.

I’d always enjoyed interior design, object and form, and with an extensive background in property buying, selling and restoration for 20 years, working as a unique property expert was the perfect fit.

I now work with everyone from first time buyers, to young couples looking to scale-up, to middle aged couples who are downsizing – helping them both sell their homes and making their new ones energetically perfect for them.

If you’re looking to clinch that all-important sale or make your home the best fit for you and your family, I’d love to help you.

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