Sell faster. Live happier.

Say goodbye to the hassles and potential disappointment that come with selling your home, with Optimised Interiors. Live happier by making your new or current home a sanctuary, enhancing your personal performance and improving your whole family’s wellbeing.

Not your typical property professional

I combine a 20-year background in buying, selling, restoration/development, interior design, Feng Shui/Geomancy alongside highly skilled intuitive techniques, that time and time again, result in a much faster, smoother sale, normally within 7 weeks and without a price reduction, or better price achieved!

I have a unique understanding of Earth Energy and its impact on a home, residents and ultimately, it's saleability. I’ve helped many people turn a troubled home environment in to a sanctuary and saved many sales transactions from failing.

My services are ideal if you are:

• Finding it hard to sell your home through a lack of interest or failed transactions and/or are worried your    forward purchase will fall through
• Wanting to turn your current home into a happier place to live
• Looking to enhance your personal performance and wellbeing
• You want to ensure a smooth, successful sale at the outset of marketing

With my help, you’ll be able to sell your home quicker with far less stress, and live happier in both your current and/or new home. Contact me to talk things through.

From practical suggestions to energetic adjustments, I’ll help you secure the sale that’s been holding you back.

A well programmed, nurturing home is the key to a happier existence for everyone living there. I’ll make it happen.

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